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Look Up

Look Up

This feature allows you to look up items within the POS module for purchase, and it allows you to open a detailed display of an inventory item to your customers without leaving point of sale.

Look Up (POS)

Tap ‘Look Up’.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

A pop-up window will appear with various search fields.

Look Up (POS)Tint Look Up (POS)

Search Fields

Use the name, keyword and code fields to search for an item. As you fill out these fields, items in the box below will be filtered based on what’s typed.

Look Up (POS)Tint Look Up (POS)Look Up (POS)

Barcode Search

Quickly find an item via barcode. Either type the barcode number into the field, or alternatively, tap the barcode icon to launch the camera to scan the item’s barcode.

Look Up (POS)Tint Look Up (POS)Look Up (POS)

Look Up Items

All inventory items will be displayed in this box until reduced from filtering via the search fields.

Look Up (POS)Tint Look Up (POS)Look Up (POS)

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