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Loyalty Point

Loyalty Point

A loyalty program is a rewards program typically offered by a company to customers, and sometimes to employees, who frequently make purchases, or to encourage repeat business.

This feature allows the customer to pay the invoice balance, in part or in full, using loyalty points earned through previous purchases.

A loyalty program can be created, edited and deleted in the Promotions module. For a guide to doing this, see here.

Loyalty Point (POS)

Tap the customer icon to assign a customer to this purchase.

Loyalty Point (POS)Loyalty Point (POS)

Select a customer from the list or tap ‘New Customer’ to create a new one.

Loyalty Point (POS)Tint Loyalty Point (POS)

After doing so, their name will appear. To Clear, Change, or view Customer Info, tap again.

Loyalty Point (POS)Loyalty Point (POS)

After selecting items for purchase, tap ‘Pay’.

Loyalty Point (POS)Loyalty Point (POS)

You will be presented with several options of how to proceed with payment. Tap ‘Loyalty Point’.

Loyalty Point (POS)Loyalty Point (POS)

A pop-up window will appear allowing you to pay an amount of the item cost to via loyalty points.

Loyalty Point (POS)Tint Loyalty Point (POS)

Order and Loyalty Balance

At the top of the window, the balance of the invoice is shown alongside the amount of points the customer has, plus the monetary value of those points.

Loyalty Point (POS)Tint Loyalty Point (POS)Loyalty Point (POS)


The numeric keypad allows you to enter in the amount of monetary value you wish to pay via points (e.g. £5). Tap the black check mark when done.

Loyalty Point (POS)Tint Loyalty Point (POS)Loyalty Point (POS)

Removing a Loyalty Payment

Once a loyalty payment has been saved, it will appear below the items in the receipt.

Loyalty Point (POS)Loyalty Point (POS)

Tapping on the loyalty payment will reveal the non-item line window. To delete this, or any other non-item line, tap the red bin icon.

Loyalty Point (POS)Loyalty Point (POS)


After completing a transaction the checkout page will appear, enabling you to select if, and how, the customer would like a receipt.

No Receipt: This will close the checkout page without printing or sending a receipt.

Print: Tapping this button will print the order receipt to your device’s default printer. For printer setup, see here.

eReceipt: This feature is only available if you are signed in on the Mail app on your device. For a guide on setting up a mail account on your device, see here.

If a customer should decide they want a receipt after initially declining, it can be viewed, printed and emailed via the Orders module.

Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)

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