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Paying with a debit or credit card.

Get to the page below via Home Page > POS

Pay Card (POS)

After selecting items for purchase, tap ‘Pay’.

Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)

You will be presented with several options of how to proceed with payment. Tap ‘Card’.

Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)

A pop-up window will appear, detailing the balance to be paid.

Pay Card (POS)Tint Pay Card (POS)

Cash Unit Buttons

The buttons at the top are for convenience, enabling you to quickly select an amount payable by card. This will allow the customer to split the total amount through multiple payment methods (e.g. 25% from a credit card, 25% from a debit card and 50% with cash).

The amount that appears on each button can be changed via
Home Page > Settings > POS > General > Cash Units

Pay Card (POS)Tint Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)


The numeric keypad allows you to enter an exact amount.

Pay Card (POS)Tint Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)

Card Payment Type

Select the payment type for this transaction.

External Card Device

Select this option if you’re using any external payment terminal or card reader.

Set up and connect external devices via Home Page > Settings > Devices

Pay Card (POS)Tint Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)


Select this option to manually input card information.

Pay Card (POS)Tint Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)


This is to store the last four digits of a credit or debit card. This may be used before processing a payment for identification purposes.

Pay Card (POS)Tint Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)


After completing a transaction the checkout page will appear, enabling you to select if, and how, the customer would like a receipt.

No Receipt: This will close the checkout page without printing or sending a receipt.

Print: Tapping this button will print the order receipt to your device’s default printer. For printer setup, see here.

eReceipt: This feature is only available if you are signed in on the Mail app on your device. For a guide on setting up a mail account on your device, see here.

If a customer should decide they want a receipt after initially declining, it can be viewed, printed and emailed via the Orders module.

Pay Card (POS)Pay Card (POS)

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