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POS Overview

This page provides an overview of everything you can do in the Tillpoint point of sale app.

The POS will be preset with options based on the business type selected when you created your Tillpoint account.

However, you can easily customise the POS in regards to which features and buttons you want activated, simply go to: Settings > POS > POS Buttons

POS Overview

Order Type

Tap this button to select the order type.

Order types are set based on the business type selected when creating your Tillpoint account.

You can adjust which order types appear in Settings > General > General Order Settings > Order Types

POS OverviewPOS OverviewPOS Overview

Look Up

This feature allows you to quickly search for inventory items and add them to the basket.

For a detailed guide, see here.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Message Bar

The highlighted bar towards the top of the page shows messages sent from other staff members.

You can send messages by tapping the icon to the right of the incoming message bar.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Parent Category Buttons

These buttons (e.g. All, Starters, Main Courses, Desserts) refine what categories appear in the category bar.

Parent categories can can be fully customised; the system allows you to change the captions and choose from a large range of icons. For a guide on this, see here.

POS OverviewPOS Overview


All inventory categories are displayed in the highlighted area. Tapping on one will result in its contents being displayed in the selection field.

For a guide on creating new categories in inventory, which will then appear automatically here in POS, see here.

The Favourites category can be removed from the POS through Settings > POS > General

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Order Directly to a Table

Tap this button to launch the table map, allowing you to take orders directly to a specific table. For a detailed guide on ordering in this way, see here.

Table-related icons are only active by default for hospitality-based businesses (i.e. Restaurants, Cafes, etc.). These icons will not appear by default for retail businesses.

This button can only be used after a table map has been created. To add, edit and delete table maps, see here.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Input Number of Covers

Tap the highlighted icon to enter the number of people currently at the table connected to this order.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Assign a Customer / Staff Member to an Order

Tap this button to connect a customer or staff member to this order.

Connected orders will be saved to their account:

- View customer orders via Customers > Orders
- View staff orders via Staff > Staff List > Orders

POS OverviewPOS OverviewPOS Overview

Basket Groups

Basket groups are used to separate and group items within the basket in the POS app (e.g. Starters, Main Courses, Desserts).

Tapping the highlighted button, which will only appear if you have created basket groups in settings, allows you to move items from one basket to another, either by drag and drop, or by tapping on the item and selecting the quantity which you wish to move.

Add, edit and delete basket groups via
Homepage > Settings > POS > Basket Groups

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Split Icon

Items can be ordered directly to, and split directly from, seats and tables.

For a detailed guide on splitting the invoice in this way, see here.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Barcode Scanner

Tapping this button will launch the devices’ camera, allowing you to scan the barcode of items, adding them to the basket.

Tillpoint also works with external barcode scanners.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Show Taxes

Tap this button to reveal all taxes of items in the basket.

For a guide on overriding tax amount within the POS app, see here.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

More Options

Tapping this button allows you to alter the details of the order, including switching the user (staff member who owns/is responsible for this order), salesperson, account manager, and more.

You can even add special notes to be printed on the customer receipt, or add notes for interal use.

POS OverviewPOS OverviewPOS Overview

Item Selection Field

Your items will appear in the highlighted area and tapping on an item will add it to the basket.

You may filter items using the ways shown above, or by using the small search bar contained within the item selection area (however, this search bar will only appear when All is selected as the parent category).

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Holding and Printing

The Yellow Pause Icon allows you to hold the transaction, allowing the customer to pay at a later time.

The Print Icon allows you to quickly print the last receipt.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Send Order

This button allows you to send the order to a connected printer, and also puts the transaction on hold, allowing the customer to pay it at a later time (e.g. After finishing their meal).

The order will be sent to the Default Second Printer, if one has been set. The typical use of this feature would be to send an order straight to a printer in the kitchen, informing the chef of what to prepare.

Tapping this button will send the order to the Kitchen Display app, allowing the kitchen staff to see what needs to be prepared.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Held Orders

Tap this button to see all held orders. From the pop-up window, you may pay for, and print, the individual orders.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Add Charges

Tap this button to add any further charges to the transaction via a small pop-up window.

POS OverviewPOS OverviewPOS Overview


Tapping this button will direct you to the Orders app, allowing you to view, print, and void orders.

For a comprehensive guide to the Orders app, see here.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Quick Cash and Quick Card

These buttons provide a quick and efficient form of payment, clearing the basket immediately.

These buttons can be disabled via
Homepage > Settings > POS > POS Buttons

POS OverviewPOS Overview


The Promotion button in the POS allows you to view and apply promotions in a variety of ways, and also view loyalty points and punches connected to this order.

Tapping the Promotions button, as highlighted below, will prompt you to choose from four options: Add Promotion by Code, Add Promotion by Barcode, Add Promotion from List, and View Promotions.

For a guide on using this feature, see here.

POS OverviewPOS Overview


Tapping the PAY button reveals a number of payment options.


POS OverviewPOS Overview


The highlighted button allows you to transfer items from one order or table, to another.

POS OverviewPOS Overview


Tapping this icon will clear the current basket. If the order has not been previously saved, the order will be lost.

POS OverviewPOS Overview


This button launches a small calculator applet.

POS OverviewPOS OverviewPOS Overview

Remove Payments

Payments or partial payments may be cancelled without cancelling the entire order.

After taking partial payment for an item(s), tap on the area, highlighted below, which displays the order payment information.

POS OverviewPOS Overview

Doing this will reveal all payments made in the highlighted area.

Simply refund any unwanted payment(s).

POS OverviewPOS Overview


After completing a transaction the checkout page will appear, enabling you to select if, and how, the customer would like a receipt.

No Receipt: This will close the checkout page without printing or sending a receipt.

Print: Tapping this button will print the order receipt to your device’s default printer. For printer setup, see here.

eReceipt: Save on paper and send e-receipts! For a guide on setting up a mail account on your device, see here.

Marketing SMS: This feature allows you to send a marketing SMS to your customer, which may be used to link to a feedback form or review website.

If a customer should decide they want a receipt after initially declining, it can be viewed, printed and emailed via the Orders page.

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