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This feature allows you to return and refund items.

Begin by selecting the order from which you wish to return items, followed by tapping the refund icon, as highlighted in the image below.

Get to the page below via Homepage > Orders.

Orders RefundOrders Refund

The refund window will display all items of the selected order with connected payment details.

Orders RefundTint Orders Refund

Return an Item

Use the quantity button, as highlighted below, to move items from the Original Order section to the Selected Return Items section.

To remove an item from the list of return items, increase its quantity using the blue cross button.

Orders RefundTint Orders RefundOrders Refund

Refund Item Options

Tap the options icon, as highlighted in the image below, to launch a small window showing several options regarding the return of that item. Each item will have its own options icon.

Here you may select a reason for the refund, choose whether or not the item is restocked (placed back into your inventory), and input a note for any extra, relevant information to do with the refunding of this item.

You may add preset reasons for refunding items via
Homepage > Settings > General > General Order Settings

Orders RefundTint Orders RefundOrders RefundOrders Refund

Refund the Item

After setting the refund preferences for your item(s), tap the Refund button, launching a small window showing several payment methods by which to refund, including Gift Card, On Account, Loyalty Point, Card, or Cash.

You may refund the item amount in any one of these ways, or by a combination of a few (e.g. Refund £5 to the customer’s card and the remaining in cash).

Orders RefundTint Orders RefundOrders RefundOrders Refund

After completing a transaction the checkout page will appear, enabling you to select if, and how, the customer would like a receipt.

No Receipt: This will close the checkout page without printing or sending a receipt.

Print: Tapping this button will print the order receipt to your device’s default printer. For printer setup, see here.

eReceipt: This feature is only available if you are signed in on the Mail app on your device.

Orders RefundTint Orders RefundTint Orders Refund

Order List

The original order will now show which item(s) from that order were returned, plus the quantity.

Orders RefundOrders Refund

After every refund, another order will be added to the order list. This shows an account of the item(s) which were refunded from the original order.

Orders Refund

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