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The Reports module provides you with detailed reporting concerning your Sales, Staff, Customers, Suppliers, and Inventory.

Reports Overview

Module Reports

Modules will appear on the left-hand side of the Reports page. Select the module for which you wish to see reports.

Reports OverviewReports Overview

Report Dates

Select the time in which you wish to see reports span over.

Reports OverviewReports Overview

Report Kind

Tapping on the highlighted icon below allows you to choose the kind of report which is displayed.

Reports OverviewReports Overview

List View

Almost every module will have a report Overview page, and a List View page. The list view allows you to add filters and refine data.

Reports Overview

Add Filter

Add a variety of filters to refine what data appears.

Reports OverviewReports OverviewReports Overview

Print Preview

Tap the print preview icon, as highlighted below, in order to print, or email, the list of information.

Reports OverviewReports Overview

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