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Reservations Overview

A reservations refers to an arrangement whereby something, such as a seat, room or item, is reserved for a particular person or group.

Using this module you may search for, view and create reservations.

Reservations Overview

Reservation Filter

You can use these options to filter the delivery orders that appear below in the Delivery List.

Quotations OverviewQuotations Overview

Create a New Reservation

Tap ‘New Reservation’ and a page will appear, allowing you to create a reservation. For an in-depth guide, see here.

Reservations OverviewReservations Overview

Print Preview Buttons

The button on the left is used to print or send the list of reservations, whereas the button on the right is used to print the details of a specific reservation.

Tapping one of these button will launch the print preview page.

Reservations OverviewReservations Overview

Use the icons at the bottom of this screen to either print, or email (as a PDF file) the information.

Reservations OverviewTint Reservations Overview


Tapping the timeline icon will cause a pop-up window to appear, detailing all activity regarding the selected reservation, including the time and date, registree and action.

Reservations OverviewReservations Overview

Column Filters

Tap the filter icons and select which information is readily shown in the columns.

Quotations OverviewQuotations OverviewQuotations Overview


Tap the sort icon to sort the orders in varying ways (e.g. Ascending or Descending).

Reservations OverviewQuotations OverviewQuotations Overview

Voiding Reservations

Select the reservation you wish to cancel, followed by tapping the void button.


Voided reservations will still appear in this page; this is done for record-keeping purposes.

Reservations OverviewQuotations Overview

Convert to Invoice

This button allows you to generate the reservation into an invoice. See the Invoices app for more information.

Reservations OverviewQuotations Overview

Open Reservation in Point of Sale

Tapping the highlighted button below will open the reservation in the POS, allowing you to modify or complete the order there.

Reservations OverviewQuotations Overview

Switch Staff

This button is used to change the staff member connected to the reservation. (e.g. John is logged in but Alex was the one who created the reservation for the customer.)

Reservations OverviewQuotations Overview

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