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Printer Setup

Printer Setup Overview

This page will concentrate on printer setup, allowing you to print a variety of information, including invoices, quotations, reservations, and receipts, directly from your iPad.

Begin by tapping on Settings

Adding PrintersAdding Printers


You will see the various categories on the left-hand side of the page. Expand the Devices category, followed by tapping on Printers.

After adding a printer on one iPad, all iPads on your network will have that printer as a selectable option.

Adding PrintersAdding Printers

Tap the New Printer button, prompting a small window to appear with two options: Star Network Printer and AirPrint Printer.

Adding PrintersAdding PrintersAdding Printers

Star Network Printer

Star is a brand of printers more commonly used for small label and receipt printing, having their own SDK (Software Development Kit) to facilitate printing from mobile and cloud-based devices.

Adding PrintersTint Adding PrintersAdding Printers

After tapping the Star Network Printer option, a pop-up window will appear, enabling you to enter a Printer Name (e.g. Kitchen, Office Backup, Warehouse, etc.), Printer Kind (e.g. Thermal or Dot Matrix), and Paper Network Address (The printer’s IP address).

Adding PrintersTint Adding Printers

After tapping the Find Printer button the system will scan Wi-Fi, USB, and Bluetooth ports and display all detectable printers.

Adding PrintersTint Adding PrintersAdding PrintersAdding Printers

After tapping on the printer you wish to add, the fields will be auto-filled with the printer’s information. Tap the check mark to save the printer.

Adding PrintersTint Adding PrintersAdding PrintersAdding Printers

Printer Status

A status icon will appear next to each Star printer in your list of printers. This is refreshed every time you visit this page.

A green check mark indicates the printer is connected, whereas the warning icon indicates the printer is not connected.

Adding PrintersAdding Printers

AirPrint Printer

AirPrint is a feature in Apple’s macOS and iOS operating systems for printing via Wi-Fi, directly to AirPrint-compatible printers. Almost all new printers are compatible with AirPrint technology.

Adding PrintersTint Adding PrintersAdding Printers

After tapping the AirPrint Printer option, a pop-up window will appear, enabling you to enter a custom Printer Name (e.g. Warehouse, Main Office, Kitchen, etc.), Paper Size, and Printer Network Address.

Tap the Find Printer button.

Adding PrintersTint Adding PrintersAdding Printers

The pop-up window will display all available printers. Tap on the one you wish the iPad to connect to.

Get Started Part 5

All printers which have been added will appear underneath the Printers heading.

To edit or delete a printer, select one and, with your thumb or finger, swipe to the left, revealing two icons. Tap the Orange Pencil Icon to edit, or the Red Bin Icon to delete.

Adding PrintersAdding Printers

Devices’ Default Printer

After a printer has been added, you can select the default printer for this device, and others - if you have sufficient access privileges.

All printer will be displayed in the Devices’ Default Printer area.

Adding PrintersAdding Printers

Change the Default Printer

Select the device for which you wish to change the default printer and, using your thumb or finger, swipe left, revealing an Orange Pencil Icon. Tap it and you will be able to set the default printer for this device.

Adding PrintersAdding Printers

Default Second Printer

The default second printer is connected to the Send Order button in the POS module. By tapping that button, the order will be printed to whichever printer has been selected here. However, if no default second printer has been selected, this button will print to the devices’ default printer.

An example of this would be having a printer in the kitchen set as the default second printer, allowing orders to be sent directly from the POS, which may be based upstairs in order to better serve customers, to the kitchen, informing the chef of what to prepare.

Adding PrintersAdding Printers

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