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Supplier Overview

The Suppliers module allows for a comprehensive supplier management system, enabling you to input large amounts of data, view account activity, create memos and more!

Get to the page below via Home Page > Suppliers

Supplier Overview

Adding a New Supplier

This button will allow you to add suppliers to your database. For a comprehensive guide to this, see here.

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview

Print Supplier List and Information

There are two print icons in the supplier home page.

The icon on the left will print the current list of suppliers, whereas the icon on the right will print the specific information of a selected supplier.

Add, edit and delete printing templates via
Home Page > Settings > Supplier > Print Templates

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview


Tapping the timeline icon will cause a pop-up window to appear, detailing any and all changes made to the selected supplier’s profile.

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview

Search for Suppliers

Set search parameters in conjunction with using the search bar to quickly find specific suppliers.

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview

Filter Suppliers

Refine your search by filtering supplier information. Tap the icons to change which information appears (e.g. Name, Type, Active Status, etc.).

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview

Sort Suppliers

Tap the sort icon to sort suppliers by various criterion, in ascending or descending order.

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview

Purchase History

View all purchase history for the selected supplier. For a more in-depth guide, see here.

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview


Memos allow you to keep a record of all communication shared between you and your suppliers. They will be stored on the supplier’s individual profile, available to be viewed at any time.

For an in-depth guide to adding memos, see here

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview

Account Activity

Tapping this button will cause a pop-up window to appear, showing all activity of the selected supplier, including purchases, credit, balance and more. You may print this information within the window by tapping the printer icon.

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview


View invoice status, purchase status, delivery status, and more, all in real time. To see suppliers reports in further detail, see here.

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview


This button allows you to contact the selected supplier via email or SMS. For a more in-depth guide, see here.

Supplier OverviewSupplier Overview

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