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Tax Exemption

Tax Exemption

Tax exemption refers to a monetary exemption which reduces taxable income on a product or service. This section enables you to select which whether a customer is eligible for full or partial tax exemption for various taxes. Such examples include veterans, clergymen or taxpayers with children.

You can add, edit and delete taxes by going to Home Page > Account > Tax Setting

Add New Customer (Customers)TintAdd New Customer (Customers)

Tap to select which taxes this customer is exempt from (e.g. VAT); a green check mark indicates the tax is applied, while the orange cross indicates the tax is not applied. Use the tax exemption reason field to note down the reason. 

Add New Customer (Customers)TintAdd New Customer (Customers)Tax Exemption (Business)

Add an Image

Tap on ‘Document Image’.

Add New Customer (Customers)TintAdd New Customer (Customers)Tax Exemption (Business)

You can take a photograph of proof of tax exemption (e.g. Veteran Recognition Card) by tapping the camera icon, or alternatively, to upload an image already saved on the device, tap the image album icon.

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