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Account Activity

Account Activity

All activity regarding a customer’s account will be logged (e.g. A customer paid for an item via On Account). Using this page you can easily view and print the selected customer’s account activity.

Account ActivityTintAccount Activity

Tapping on a piece of activity will launch a small pop-up window, showing the details of that specific activity.

Account ActivityTintAccount ActivityAccount ActivityAccount Activity

Pay In / Out

This button is used to settle outstanding amounts, allowing you to pay, or take payment from, a selected customer.

After tapping the button, a pop-up window will appear, enabling you to input a monetary value to pay to, or receive payment from, the customer, select an account from which the amount will be added to or taken from, input a performed time and date, and an ability to attach a note to the payment, detailing any relevant information.

Account ActivityTintAccount ActivityTint Account ActivityAccount ActivityAccount Activity


Tap the printer icon to print all account activity for the selected supplier.

Account ActivityTintAccount ActivityAccount Activity

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