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Loyalty Program


This feature allows you to view the Loyalty Program data and Punch Card information for a specific customer.

Get to the page below via Homepage > Customers

Using the Promotions module you may set up a Loyalty Program, and create, edit and delete Punch Cards.

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Loyalty Program

Tap this button to see this customer’s loyalty reward data.

Customer OverviewTint Customer OverviewCustomer Overview

Here you can see customer rewards, total and redeemed points, and the details of each order, displaying from which item(s) the customer received points. You can use the column titles to filter through and sort orders, or use the search bar to quickly find a specific order.

There are two printer buttons on this page, the icon on the left prints the list of orders in which the customer earned points, and the right icon prints the details of a selected order.

The ‘Adjustment’ button can be used to manually adjust the number of points this customer has.

This option must be enabled for the button to appear; do this via
Homepage > Promotions > Settings > Point System Settings

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