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Optimise your card payments with Paymentsense & Tillpoint

Combine our multi-award-winning point of sale with an integrated card reader from Paymentsense, allowing you to streamline customer card payments.


Accept payments from all major debit and credit card providers, including all contactless methods, through the Paymentsense card reader.

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Faster credit and debit card payments with Paymentsense

Integrated Payments

Quicker Sales, Less Discrepancies

Enjoy speedy payments that are automatically reconciled with Tillpoint, meaning there’s no need to enter the payment amount on both the POS and the card reader anymore, reducing the risk for payment errors. All received payments will be shown in the end of day and sales reporting.

Complete Point of Sale Solution

Freedom and Flexibility for Your Customers

Take payments quickly and easily through an integrated card reader, letting your customers pay in a number of ways, from credit cards and debit cards to other contactless methods, such as Apple pay, Samsung pay, or Google pay.

Easy to Get Started

Easy to Set Up

Receiving payments with Paymentsense is easy. All you need is the card reader, Tillpoint POS, and a compatible iPad with Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Bank-Grade Security

Secure Payments with Paymentsense

Utilise the power of mobile payments. Credit cards, debit cards, contactless or NFC - accept payments in your customers’ preferred method and get intelligent reports into spending habits.

Manage your entire business operation with Tillpoint and Paymentsense

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How to Integrate Paymentsense with Tillpoint


Register your Tillpoint Account

Download Tillpoint from the App Store and create an account in-app, or sign-up via our website.


Sign Up with Paymentsense

Create an account with Paymentsense for free & get the iPad-compatible card reader.


Add Paymentsense to Tillpoint

Simply open Tillpoint and go to Settings> Devices> Payment Devices and select Paymentsense from the dropdown menu.

Get the Most Advanced EPOS Now!

Get the Most Advanced EPOS Now!

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