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Easy and Secure Card Payments with PayPal

The PayPal Here card reader has arrived, accepting card and contactless payments has never been easier with Tillpoint.

Easy and Secure Card Payments with PayPal

Taking card or contactless payments, including Apple Pay and Android Pay, is straightforward with the PayPal Here card reader, which seamlessly integrates with our award-winning EPOS software.

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Receive Money Promptly with Low Transaction Fees


Straight to Your Bank Account

Get money paid into your account within seconds, protected by PayPal's world-class security, with all orders managed through Tillpoint.


No Monthly Fees

Pay once for your card reader and from 2.75% to as low as 1% per transaction with no fixed term.*

*Subject to application


No cash? No problem

Open your doors to a wider range of customers. Shoppers won’t have to rely on cash to make purchases in your store, all they need is their credit card, debit card, or smartphone to complete a transaction.


More money, less queuing

Process transactions at lightning speeds with the PayPal Here card reader, ensuring the lines in your store stay short through quick and easy sales.

Manage your whole business operation through Tillpoint and PayPal

How to Integrate PayPal with Tillpoint


Register Tillpoint Account

Download Tillpoint from the App Store and Create an account in-app, or Sign Up via our website.


Sign Up With PayPal

Create an account with PayPal for free & get an iPad-compatible PayPal Chip + PIN card reader.


Add PayPal to Tillpoint

Simply open Tillpoint and go to "Settings > Devices > Payment" Devices and select PayPal from the dropdown menu.

Get the Most Advanced EPOS Now!

Get the Most Advanced EPOS Now!

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Or call us on +44 (0) 207 096 0965

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